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This function writes a boolean value to an .ini file. If the file does not exist, the function will create it.


bool WriteIniBool( string filename, string section, string var, bool value )


  • filename This is the name of the file
  • section The section that contains the value you want to create/edit
  • var The name of the variable
  • value The boolean true/false


This example will freeze a player and store the control state to an ini file when they type '/c freezeme'.

function onPlayerCommand( player, command, text ) {

    if ( command = "freezeme" )
         player.IsFrozen = true;
         WriteIniBool( "Players.ini", "Frozen", player.Name, true );
         MessagePlayer( "Buhaha! You can't move anymore!", player );



The functions player.IsFrozen, player.Name, MessagePlayer and call OnPlayerCommand were also used in in this example. More info about them in the corresponding pages.

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