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Update 04pb300

  • Added VC:MP's Steam DLL after solving browser issues with Steam launching
  • Fixed machine IDs not being received properly
  • Disabled several debugging commands, a couple of which deliberately raised a client crash
  • Increased the game's vehicle pool size from 500 to 1000 to match the server's
  • Fixed game crashing when forced to spectate someone who isn't spawned
  • Fixed occasional crash caused by a player's vehicle appearing to be null on other player's screens
  • Fixed the 0.4 splash screen not actually loading

Update 04pb402

  • Fixed radio glitching out when server weather was set to rain
  • Slightly optimized custom object loading
  • Additional checks to prevent crashes
  • Re-enabled the /t4 command, which shows the positions of bullets where they collide, for use by scripters who would like to accurately find polygons

Release Candidate Released (04rel000)

  • Implement server redirection and /allowredirect
  • Ghosted vehicles are no longer solid on the local player's screen.
  • Added the /connect command for connecting to arbitrary servers while still in the client. Requires /disconnect first.
  • Spectating a player who switches interiors now switches the interiors on your screen to theirs.
  • Remote players should no longer crouch and sprint at the same time.

RC2 Update Released (04rel001)

  • Sprites and textdraws can now be relatively positioned
    • Relatively positioned sprites and textdraws use a 1024x768 display as the baseline. Their position is scaled up or down according to each player's resolution.
  • Ghost vehicles now using collision filtering instead of broken game flags
  • Tank turrets, firetruck hoses, and Predator cannons are now synced
  • Fixed the Cuban Cafe using LOD models
  • Shifted some skins to fix a previously available ped being unusable
  • The "Using all keyboards" functionality from the END key has been rebound to the PAUSE key

Major Update for 0.4 Released (04rel002)

  • Radar blips now appear for unoccupied vehicles around you.
  • The client now automatically reconnects to servers every three seconds. The amount of times it does this can be configured with game_reconattempts. Setting this to -1 will reconnect indefinitely. * * Setting this to 0 disables it altogether.
  • Added support for configurable wallglitch settings.
  • Car alarms and sirens are no longer tied together.
  • Fixed siren sounds playing when a vehicle with its siren on has exploded.
  • Clients now report when they bump into objects while driving vehicles.
  • Fixed rocket launcher and sniper sounds playing twice when shooting.
  • The key for entering vehicles as a passenger is now configurable (game_passengerkey), and takes a value of a numeric key code.
  • Fixed spawning with FIRE key, again.
  • Fixed people sliding around while shooting or crouching, again.
  • Fixed a hole in the downtown shooting range where interior switching would put you in the main world.
  • Fixed rockets launching with weird rotations when using the Hunter.

Client Update Released (10 May)

  • UIDv2 is now sent to the server on joining. Old servers will discard this information.
  • Fixed the game not respecting the server's max height setting

Client Updates Released (6 May UTC)

Hotfix 1

  • The client is now statically linked and should not require the Visual C++ 2013 redistributables.
  • Screenshots are no longer post-processed in the main game loop, and should no longer hang the game for a second or longer.
  • Screenshots in windowed mode no longer capture the entire desktop.
  • Other players' reload animations now play when they are reloading.
  • Fixed players appearing to shoot while reloading automatic weapons such as the M4.
  • Players who are in the middle of firing their weapon now send slightly more sync packets.
  • Players can no longer use the spawn menu while spectating.
  • Players no longer automatically reconnect after being kicked or banned.
  • Fixed players punching with fists not appearing to punch.
  • Attempted a fix for shotguns appearing to not fire on every other shot, when fired in rapid succession.

Hotfix 2

  • Fixed players appearing to jitter in place when beginning to move out of a shooting animation.

Hotfix 3

  • Fixed an anti-slide fix not taking effect when standing and breaking out of a shooting animation.

Client Updates Released (11 May)

Update 1

  • All sprites (including absolutely positioned/non-relative sprites) now scale according to the resolution of the game window.
    • The scaling ratio is calculated as (ScreenWidth / 1024, ScreenHeight / 768)
    • See Update 3 for further developments.
  • Fixed sprites making calculations based on the resolution of the screen, and not the game window.
  • Fixed screenshots failing if game_windowed was set to 0.
  • Fixed an uncaught exception that could cause the game to crash while connecting.
  • Reverted a change that made players who were in the middle of shooting send more sync packets.

Update 2

  • Fixed an "abnormal program termination" error that could occur under certain circumstances when joining a server.

Update 3

  • Only relatively positioned sprites are auto-scaled now.

Client Update Released (18 May)

  • Fixed issues with UIDv2 on some machines by adding a fallback mechanism. Machines that still don't work with this will generate a UID of all zero (00000000[...]) until this is fully resolved.
  • Nametag fonts are now configurable with the tag_fontname option, and Arial is the new default tag font.
  • Fixed remote players firing spaz infinitely.
  • Tried fixing nametags being able to take up a majority of the screen when close to another player.

Client Update Released (27 May)

Update 1

  • Improved anti-wallglitch (except for shotguns, will be added later). Shots should now hit the obstacle between your weapon and the target, not go through it.

Update 2

  • Fixed an issue with the initial anti-wallglitch implementation that caused people to shoot through vehicles/players.

Update 3

  • Same fix now also applied for shotguns.

Update 4

  • Fixed an issue which made it appear as if wallglitching still worked in some cases.

Client Updates Released (29 May)

Update 1

  • Added support for checkpoints. (Only one checkpoint at a time should be shown to a player.)
  • Added support for spheres.
  • As part of an ongoing anticheat effort, ASIs may no longer be loaded. game_allowedmods is no longer a valid setting.

Update 2

  • Reverted a change that broke input fixes and connections for some players.

Client Update Released (1 June)

Update 1

  • Fixed transparent fences being solid for bullets after a previous update.

Update 2

  • Local players are using aiming animation when shooting in first person mode, so shots at them are more accurate.

Fixed remote players who were aiming sometimes breaking out of aim animation.

Client Update Released (2 June)

  • Increased performance of rendering sprites, textdraws, the console, and the scoreboard.

Client Update Released (14 June)

  • Crash logs are now automatically reported to a central server for analysis.
  • Automatic reporting of crashes can be disabled by using /setconfig game_reportcrashes 0

Major Update for 0.4 Released (10 July) (04rel003) (Server and Client)

  • Custom vehicles can be added by putting them in the store/vehicles folder.
  • Improved accuracy of sphere and checkpoint events (server).

Client Update Released (14 July)

  • Fixed custom vehicles in SA format exploding when shooting the petrol cap, because it wasn't synced.
  • Fixed custom bikes and boats causing crashes.
  • Increased maximum custom vehicle dff/txd file size from 12mb to 24mb.
  • Fixed vehicles with hydraulics crashing the game by disabling hydraulics.

Client Update Released (27 July)

  • Fixed emergency vehicle lights for non-MVL vehicles.
  • Fixed the game freezing when loading the Steam version in fullscreen mode.
  • Blocked a first-person quickscope exploit that allowed shooting through walls and being more unhittable.
  • Fixed being able to reconnect to servers you were kicked from through the menu.
  • Spike strips are now removed when their owner dies, is streamed out, or is too far away.
  • FPS is now properly reported when the player is paused.
  • Attempts to make checkpoints and spheres more stable.
  • Added a new splash screen.

Client Update Released (24 August)

  • Fixed a security issue that allowed tampering with UIDs.
  • Dying players can no longer use /kill.
  • Players who took damage recently will no longer have their damage source reset when using /kill.
  • con_numoflines now has a minimum of 0 instead of 5.
  • Fixed a possible issue that caused excessive sliding.
  • Friendly damage no longer causes players to fall down.
  • Added a hotkey (F7 by default) that resizes the console by 5 lines. This can be rebound by changing con_resizekey.
  • Attempt to fix an issue where shooting a player in the head while they're driving causes the car to jump backward.

Client Update Released (17 January)

  • Custom sound files can now be played using PlaySound.
  • Fixed players being able to gain immunity to gunfire by rapidly switching in and out of first-person view.
  • Fixed players occasionally not seeing shots from behind them until they saw the player shooting them.
  • Fixed players taking critical damage and losing all armour when being shot in the arms and legs.
  • Attempted a more aggressive fix for slide glitching.
    • Fixed players sliding aggressively when transitioning from crouched to standing up.
    • Attempted to reduce slide duration when a player is moving while standing.
    • Shotgun timing for remote players should improve as well due to this patch.
  • Shots fired by people in first-person should now appear to shoot from the muzzle, and not from behind the player's head.
  • Added config option scr_shortmsg. When set to 1, VC:MP will shorten the "screenshot saved" message by only printing the filename, and not the full path.
  • Added console shortcuts for jumping to the first and last lines in the scrollback buffer. (HOME and END by default, respectively. Only effective when the console is open.)
  • Added config options con_scrollupkey, con_scrolldownkey, con_jumptopkey and con_jumpbottomkey to reconfigure the keys used for scrolling through the console.
  • Fixed smoke and shadows being transparent or appearing lighter in screenshots. FRAPS overlays will also appear properly if captured in screenshots.
  • Reduced the delay in switching classes on a spawn screen from 1000ms (1sec) to 250ms (0.25sec).

Client Update Released (18 January)

  • Fixed audio being muted until dying on many servers.

Client Update Released (24 January)

  • Fixed custom audio files overriding the audio file with the next ID.


Release Candidate Released (04rel000)

  • Running as root is no longer supported and must be explicitly enabled in order to continue running the server.
  • Added command line options for server hosters that override built-in server behavior and user configurations in server.cfg:
    • -maxplayers: Specifies a hard limit on the number of players allowed on a server. Configurations or function/plugin calls that attempt to go above this will be throttled.
    • -port: Forces server to be bound to a given port.
    • -bindip: Forces server to be bound to a given IP.
    • -noanticheat: Disables anticheat and forces it to be disabled regardless of configuration.
    • -allow-server-runas-root: Allows server to run as root.
  • Servers can now request users to be redirected to another server.
    • Players will receive a prompt asking if they would like to be connected to server X:Y with an optionally specified nickname, Z.
    • Redirection is optional and will only occur if the player uses the /allowredirect command client-side.
  • Added plugin functions for accessing more player information (see the SDK diff).
    • GetPlayerOnFireStatus: returns if a player is on fire (only if on foot)
    • GetPlayerCrouchStatus: returns if a player is crouching (only if on foot)
    • GetPlayerAction: returns a player's action (see below)
    • GetPlayerGameKeys: returns a 16-bit integer representing the player's game keys being held down
    • GetPlayerAimPos: returns the position that a player is aiming toward (only updated when shooting)
    • GetPlayerAimDir: returns the vector rotation of a player's aim (only updated when shooting)
  • Added OnPlayerStateChange(nPlayer, oldState, newState), a more raw callback for player events like entering/exiting vehicles and aiming:
    • 0 - none
    • 1 - normal (foot) sync
    • 2 - shooting ("aim") sync
    • 3 - driver
    • 4 - passenger
    • 5 - entering as driver
    • 6 - entering as passenger
    • 7 - exiting vehicle
    • 8 - unspawned
  • Added OnPlayerActionChange(nPlayer, oldAction, newAction), a raw callback for when a player is changing actions. Frequently used actions:
    • 0 - none
    • 1 - normal
    • 12 - aiming
    • 16 - shooting
    • 41 - jumping
    • 42 - lying on ground
    • 43 - getting up
    • 44 - jumping from vehicle
    • 50 - driving
    • 54 - dying
    • 55 - wasted
    • 58 - entering vehicle
    • 60 - exiting vehicle
  • Added callbacks OnPlayerOnFireChange, OnPlayerCrouchChange and OnPlayerGameKeysChange (see SDK diff)
  • In-built anticheat can now be disabled using the config line anticheat 0 or the command line option -noanticheat
  • Fixed the config line for servername overwriting the password field

RC2 Update Released (04rel001)

  • Linux servers now handle Ctrl+C (SIGINT) and other signals gracefully, allowing it to exit properly
  • Fixed a potential exploit that would allow sync packets from unjoined players
  • Added a new plugin calls:
    • ShutdownServer for shutting down the server with plugins
    • GetPlayerWantedLevel for getting a player's wanted level. (previously write-only)
    • SetTextdrawRelativity and SetSpriteRelativity for setting if either is relative
    • GetVehicleTurretRotation for tanks
    • ToggleOnlyShowTeamMarkers for emulating ShowOnRadar 2 from the 0.3 Squirrel server. If this is enabled and ToggleShowMarkers is also enabled, players will only be able to see markers of teammates.
  • Modified CreateSprite and CreateTextdraw to require a bIsRelative parameter
  • OnEntityPoolChange is now called for blips, radio stations, sprites, and textdraws
  • Significantly updated the plugin API to reflect new features; old plugins may not run as expected

Major Update for 0.4 Released (04rel002)

  • Added -appendname as a command line option for server hosts.
  • Added the following plugin calls:
    • ToggleWallglitch — enables or disables wallglitching for all players on a server
    • EnabledWallglitch — returns if the setting above has been enabled
    • SetVehicleSiren — enables or disables the siren for a vehicle
    • GetVehicleSiren — returns if a vehicle's siren is on or not
  • SetVehicleAlarm and GetVehicleAlarm now handle the status of the car alarm, and not the siren.
  • Maximum server name length has increased from 64 to 128 characters.
  • Default weather changed from cloudy (1) to partly cloudy (0).

Major Update for 0.4 Released (10 July)

Server Update Released (14 July)

  • Fixed vehicle streaming regression - vehicles were not removed when players went far away.
  • Fixed a crash when client sent events about already deleted checkpoints or spheres.