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As a contributor to the wiki, you should make sure that your contributions are of high quality. To ensure this, please refer to these guidelines for editing the wiki.

Format your articles properly

You should be using MediaWiki formatting to split your articles into sections as needed, and to provide rich content to offer more resources. Make sure to read the MediaWiki guide on editing pages, and consider the following tips:

  • Provide links to functions or callbacks referenced in scripting examples, or other relevant wiki pages.
  • Make sure your code is wrapped in <source lang=squirrel></source> tags. (Lua and D are also good alternatives if you want syntax highlighting.)
  • Explain what the function does at the top of the article, and explain what each parameter is for, even if it seems obvious.
  • Make sure you understand as much as possible what a function does and what parameter it takes in, so as not to mislead readers.

Do not sign your edits

The wiki is a communal project, and people other than yourself will be editing your contributions as well, for better or worse. When creating a new page, adding a new section, or contributing notes to an article, please do not sign your name on the page. It creates a feeling of territoriality on the wiki and may discourage people from improving something that you started.

Consider patrolling edits

You can check the list of recent changes and help your fellow editors by improving contributions to be more in line with these guidelines.

Good examples

Articles in need of attention