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Weather ID Listing
  • Switch weathers in your server via SetWeather ! ( maybe you will do a rainbow :D )
  • As a tip, no one likes rainy days in sunny cities as Vice City.
Weather ID Description
0 Mostly clear skies
1 Overcast
2 Rainy-lightning
3 Foggy
4 Clear skies
5 Rainy
6 Dark sky partly cloudy
7 Light sky partly cloudy
8 Overcast partly cloudy
9 Grey sky black clouds
  As you may know, weathers affects water's madness, so few will make it go crazy !! ^^
  These weathers were tested with the ingame time set to 3:00. :/
Weather ID Description Tested Time
386 Waves touches the sky 3:00
375 Big waves 3:00
377 Medium waves 3:00
379 Smaller waves, but still bigger than normal 3:00
91 Dust on streets, like in Texas. (day) 0:00