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This function will inform you the ID(s) of they keys that player has pressed at the current moment.

-> This function is triggered whenever a player presses any key of keyboard.

--> It can also be used to check ID of any key of the keyboard in vcmp.

Note: Each keyborad key has its different gamekey ID.


player.GameKeys player.GameKeys = ID(s)

Parameterand result

ID(s) of the Key pressed.


In this Example, We are going to check Which key(s) are being pressed by the specified user at the current moment ( at the time of use of command ).

function onPlayerCommand( player, cmd, text )
  if ( cmd == "getkeys" )
    if ( text == null ) PrivMessage( player, "SYNTAX: /getkeys < player ID >" );
    else if ( !IsNum(text) ) PrivMessage( player, "Error - Please Sepcify player's ID" ); //ID selects the distnict player.
      local plr = FindPlayer( text.tointeger() );
      if ( !plr ) PrivMessage( player, "No such player..." );
         MessagePlayer( "The ID(s) of the keys "+plr+" is pressing: "+plr.GameKeys, player );



Call onPlayerCommand, functions FindPlayer, PrivMessage and MessagePlayer were used in this example

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