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  • Set/Get player's Second World


Many scripters don't know, but this function mixes player.World with the second world you set.
Let's say you create an object/pickup in world 55 while player's world is 0.
If you set player's second world to 55, he will also see that object/pickup, while nobody else will.
  • Note: If a player makes contact with an object from it's second world, player will dissappear from others' screen.


function onPlayerJoin( player )
     player.SecWorld = 5000 + player.ID;

function onPlayerCommand( player, cmd, text )
   if ( cmd == "ramp" )
     CreateObject( 371, player.SecWorld, player.Pos, 255 );
     MessagePlayer( "You got your own ramp that nobody else can see!", player );

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These functions exist for compatibility with the R2 Squirrel server.